Stories I'm Working On

The Wind That Carried Us

A door has opened to the next frontier: Mars. Earth is reeling from the ravages of climate shift and socio-political unrest, fuelling a worldwide desperation for a moonshot and new heroes. Astrid Peterson and Michael Tanner have fought their whole lives and beat long odds to get Marsside; now that they’ve arrived with the rest of their crew, they realise the real fight will be making a life in a lifeless world. 

While they grapple with the quandary of bringing children into such a hostile environment, they are haunted by a never-ending, brutal irony: every living person knows their names, and yet they are more alone than anybody in history. Now they face decades underground, anti-settlement cults and militarist bombings, lethal space-born threats, and the certainty that they can never go home.

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